My next subject was a 34 year old man with a BS in Business Administration. He

Presently is employed with a financial institution. His interests include cycling, camping,
swimming, sporting events, and traveling. He readily acknowledges that he doesn’t have a
Difficulty with social nudism. In fact, he feels that nudism is a type of art and a way of
expressing oneself Frequently times he gets frustrated when society identifies nudism with
perversion or sex. In his opinion those who oppose nudism are either really close minded or
not comfortable enough with themselves to freely express the naked body. My subject

stated that he not only finds it fascinating, but also encouraging, the European culture
identifies with social nudism and will not make an issue of it.
As one might anticipate, my topic does not have a problem with nude beaches or
resorts. In fact he has visited both locations on several occasions declaring that his first
experience left him feeling a bit unsettled in not understanding what to expect. Nonetheless, he was
Fast reassured that with social nudity there aren’t any expectations and that everyone is
Comfy in simply being themselves. He says that nude beaches and resorts give nudists
The chance to to assemble without worrying about being harassed by the community and law
officials. Nevertheless, he mentioned that he’d like to motivate local governments to
allocate an area of the beach that would be clearly marked for allowing nudity. This would
give those who want to go nude the opportunity, as well as those who do not want to go
nude, the alternative to use another part of the beach.
In concluding my interview, I asked my matter why he believed individuals decide to participate
in social nudism. His answer to my question was that some people enjoy the liberty of
expressing themselves while naked, and societal nudism gives them the chance to to match
others with similar interests. Finally, I asked him if he’d consider this type of lifestyle
and he replied, “I already am a part of this lifestyle as I visit nude beaches and resorts on a
regular basis. I enjoy having the opportunity to express my nudity in public. ” 7

My eighth issue was a 41 year old female who has a Bachelor’ s degree in Business
Government and is presently applied with a banking firm. She’s divorced and a single
Mother. Her interests include watching her son play sports, shopping, golfing, bicycling, and
socializing with friends. She also said that she enjoys attending college football, and
professional baseball matches.
as soon as I asked her to discuss her feelings about social nudism she said that
although it isn’t a lifestyle she would personally consider, she’s not against it. She
expressed some anxiety for children and non-nudists who may find nude beaches bad.
Yet my issue mentioned that nude beaches are acceptable as long as there are signs posted
informing the people that the plage is clothing optional. Nude resorts appeared to be more
appealing to my area because they truly are more secluded and there would be some progressed
warning of what to expect. However, she stressed again that she wouldn’t engage in societal
nudism because, “I ‘m quite self-conscious about my body, and I love clothes too much.”8

Interview #9

My next subject was a 62 year old man. is a human resource manager with a
Faculty degree. He enjoys sports, reading, cooking, and the arts. He offered to be
interviewed while I was questioning his buddy about social nudism. He stated that he’s
visited nude beaches in Wisconsin and Florida and found both places to be similar in nature.

Yet, he mentioned that the shores in the Miami Florida area seem to bring a more
Varied group of nudists as opposed to Wisconsin beaches.
Clearly my subject is in favor of nude beaches, but, he did say that signs should
be posted advising the people that the area is clothing optional. Also he mentioned that
although some people may see nude beaches completely for the perspective, a much greater number of
Folks just appreciate the feeling of complete freedom while sunning, walking, and swimming.
When asked if he’d contemplate this type of lifestyle, he said, “Probably not, but it’s
okay and really no big deal. ” 9

Interview #10

My final issue was a 43 year old female. She’s married and has one son. When
asked to discuss her feelings about social nudism she admitted that she really does not see with the lifestyle, however, it isn’t something she’d choose to engage
in. She stated that she was brought up in a very conservative Catholic family and would
feel very uncomfortable going to a nude beach or resort. Nevertheless, my subject did happen
to stumble upon a nude beach in Jamaica where some females were topless. Her immediate
reaction was disbelief, but after awhile she was ok with it, accentuating that the
experience didn’t make her desire to remove her top. Her closing remarks were, “I don’t
Believe social nudism is perverted. I believe some folks feel comfortable with what God has