Bare For Idea – By Melissa

( By: Melissa Dejanude )
Bare for Idea – Nudistory
Unclothed for Thought – Nudistory
Over centuries, humans have combated with the freedom to wear or not to wear.
Even though there are motives backing up the importance of clothes in culture, there are still some differences in History where nudity was prohibited without reasoning by way of morality or classification.
Can it be possible there’s a deep religious battle that revolves around nudity?
Bare for Thought – Body Language
“The universal language is body language.”
Could it just be possible that we would have better foreign communications, less political competition and greater peace if we all did not decorate ourselves with attire and other body distractions to distinguish us from one another in culture?
Naked for Thought – Phobic Oppression
“Nudity is a natural freedom that’s typically oppressed due to the anxiety about being insulted or the reaction of another being hurt.”

Do you feel it’s erroneous to walk around naked in spite of someone else or to simply not care about whether that person would become uneasy or offended? Whether you do, can you also feel your reaction with their reaction may be helping or hindering the independence of social nudity?
Nude for Thought – Indentification
Unclothed For Idea
“People wear clothing to identify themselves: chefs, gardeners, sports athletes, cyclists, secretaries, supervisors; nonetheless, folks who do the same jobs as those that wear the uniform are alone called naturists.”
What precisely might we put the categorization onthe garments or the man?
Unclothed for Idea – Writer’s Story
Naked for Thought
“The body naturally tells the story about the life of its writer without words, whether it be covered with layers of beautification, labels of expression, inked in forms of art or simply scarred through wounds once crushed.”
Bare for Idea – Play Naked
Play Naked
“It’s legal for children in the state of California to be naked in public places up to the age of 10. This law is scarcely tested and when , kids can be told by a public figure to put their garments on when someone complains.”
Do you believe our society would react differently to if it was more commonly accepted with kids in public areas? Can you feel it really is alright to allow your kid to play nude at any public playa if they’re of legal age?
Nude for Thought – Family Funding
Newborn Baby