Nudism is a lifestyle which professes that with the lack of clothing one can

socialize in non-sexual ways. Examples of fkk behaviour include, skinny dipping, bare
resort tasks, along with clothing optional beaches. Although Nudism is the modem day
term for nudism, both are used interchangeably. One might inquire, what is the difference
Based on Fred llfeld Jr. and Roger Lauer, nudity, in
general, refers to ‘1he lack of clothes,” whereas nudism itself is a social activity
Naturist. Based on Herbert Webb the author of a pamphlet titled Why Nudism, nudism
is: “The practice of going nude socially: that’s in mixed groups of both genders and all ages,
for the sake of wellness and recreation or other circumstances that makes it suitable and
pleasant to do thus; always supplied that those who are bare do not expose themselves to
Viewpoint of those who are not nudists or who’d be violated thereby.”
D. 0.
the practice, under appropriate conditions, of going without clothing.


Fred Ilfeld and Roger Lauer, Social Nudism in America (New Haven: College and
University Press, 1964), 21.

followed in the seclusion of the house, among members of the same gender, among members of
opposite genders, or among groups including entire families and representing all ages.”


“The practice of going naked in the belief that such practice gains health.” 3
Although this definition might seem obscure, nudists/Naturists maintain that nudism
does indeed enrich one’s mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Nudism is complete independence to
express without being judged on physical appearances, types of clothing one
Nudism/Naturism includes having respect for oneself,
others, and our surroundings.
Nudism/Nudism is not sexual, contrary to what some individuals in our society still
Consider. It is not a form of exhibitionism, as nudists/Naturists don’t flaunt themselves for
the intent of transgressing, or getting a reaction from others. Additionally, there’s no signs
that nudism/Nudism, is harmful to children. 4
While this thesis investigates Nudism in America, it’s important to touch
briefly upon the differing outlooks of nudism in other areas of the world. Europe, for
example, is more open to nudism than the United States. For example, France and Greece
are understood for topless sunbathing.
revealed 40% of women visited a strand topless at some point in their own lives, and just 7%

found the top-free beaches to be shocking. A Harris poll conducted in the early 1980’s
reported 86% of French people favor nude beaches. Greece has an acceptable prognosis
towards nudism also.
population favorite legislation for opening four nudist facilities.

Rio de Janeiro is famous

for its bare dancers at the Carnival parade, and France for the nude dancers at the Moulin
Rouge in Paris. In fact, at the Carnival, it truly is an honor to be one of the topless dancers.
Looking at the extreme reverse, in countries for example India, women must dress in a saris to
This is needed because some body parts, like the ankles and
upper arms, are considered to be sexual. Muslim nations have strict dress codes for
women, also (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Kuwait, Jordan, etc.).
journalists traveling to those nations are inclined to dress as the conventional Muslim women do.
But if non-fundamentalist, Arabs have a tendency to be more lax. Additionally, Muslim nations such as
Mghanistan are starting to liberate some. After the fall of the Taliban, Muslim women
American approaches towards public nudity and nudism have changed almost no over
the years. Some people however find it repulsive and offensive for a mother to breast feed her
Kid in public. Oddly enough, our perspectives concerning sexual conduct continue to become
more liberalized. 6 For example, premarital sex is more common nowadays and does not carry the
Blot as in the past cast shame and guilt primarily among girls. Homosexuality

At present falls into the class of an alternative lifestyle instead of an strange or strange
personality disorder. Actually, it is no longer enrolled in the Diagnostic and Data
Manual (DSMIV) novel of mental and psychological disorders. Our cable TV channels and
magazines are plastered with sexually explicit films and ads. Our shores are
frequented by males and females clad in skimp attire, including thongs. Teenagers sport bare
midriffs with belly button rings and low rise jeans. Topless pubs and continue to pop